07 December 2010

10 months

Well Little Miss, you are 10 months old. Can you believe it? Because I can't.

I was wondering if I would have anything new to gush on you about since I was two weeks late with your 9 month post. However, it turns out you decided to learn a million and a half new talents just in a few short weeks. Talk about making an already overly emotional mama even more happy and sad about the very concrete fact you are growing up entirely too fast.

I have treasured every single second I have been able to spend with you. I have taken so many photos that sometimes people tease me about it. But you know what? When all is said and done, photos are priceless. I feel such a peace looking back at your sweet life already. I cannot even begin to find the words to showcase how amazed I am that I have been able to stay with you for these 10 months. I have been busier than I ever have been in life, but we are lucky ladies that Daddy works exceedingly hard so that we can have the luxury of abundant time together. (And it is a luxury, I truly believe and know that with all of my heart.)

I could write about you forever; your quirks, your sweet little toes, your hands, your hair that is all of a sudden curly and messy in the mornings.

I also find myself wishing I could document every single minute of your revolutionary existence. It is a futile daydream, but still one nonetheless.

You have learned how to turn yourself around, climb, and stand up in your high chair. Feeding now requires us to strap you in; you don't like this very much but I wish I could explain to you it is for your own good.

You give the best hugs. They are the best simply because you have a real sense of urgency and purpose behind the power in your little arms as you wrap them around my neck and promptly squeeze with all of your strength. I melt every single time. It was one thing for me to love and squeeze on you before, but now that you can actually show deliberate affection is just the greatest thing in the world.

You have started waving goodbye with so much fervor, I can't help but laugh. It is almost as though now that you have it figured out, you want to do it with such vigor as to make up for all of the times before when you weren't quite ready or able.

You adore throwing things, namely toys and food. Jack loves this; especially when cheerios are the object being catapulted right his way.

You are really beginning to love books and this makes me so happy I could burst. You can now turn the pages and like to pay attention more than you have been able to in the past. You are particularly fond of the books that feature all different textures.

You grab onto my legs and pull yourself up several times a day. It is as though you haven't seen me in years and must be in my arms. When it is nap time or bed time, you stand up in your crib and cling to my waist. This makes it incredibly difficult for Mommy not to pick you up.

You are interacting with Jack more and more. I think sometimes he loves it and sometimes not so much. Probably because many times lately you want to just grab his ears or skin and you don't realize he doesn't like that. He makes you laugh and laugh and laugh; which is the most beautiful sound on earth.

You can sense when there is tension in a room and you try to vocalize it. As if you are telling everyone upset to calm down and relax.

I try to give you choices already in what you are going to wear and eat. I'm sure soon enough it will be a battle.

You are napping better during the day and in the crib, which Mommy is beyond grateful for.

Your "hyper teeth kisses" as we like to call them are getting more and more hilarious and painful at the same time. When you are having your energetic time right before bed, you try to kiss every surface of our faces; except that your teeth become involved 90% of the time and it hurts! I still can't stop laughing whenever you try to though.

Here is a video of another one of your newest tricks: