03 December 2010

Glitter Trees And Friendly Snowmen

We went to the annual Festival of Trees the other day. I was so excited to share this tradition with Sookie, even though she won't remember. I believe she was happy just to get out of the house after being sick the past several days. She truly studies things in the way not very many adults do. I'm very proud of this aspect of her personality and of course I will take credit for it. I thought she would love looking at the decorations, the glitter, the ornaments, the ribbon, the colors dancing together; but I think she had more thrill with watching all the people. If she is interested in a stranger, she will just stare at them until they pay attention to her. She cracks me up!

I knew this year would be emotional, as I talked about in THIS post, but honestly I was a mess. Every other tree or so I would start crying again at the mere sight of an innocent child in the hospital or a baby with an NG tube. I couldn't even bring myself to read the stories accompanying the trees this time. I would hold Sookie tight, kiss her until she became annoyed and frustrated with me, then compose myself to move on to more sparkly sights. At times I even felt selfish, which I realize is ridiculous but often times I do wonder the "why" of it all. I don't believe luck and karma even out among the universe when all is said and done. I know some incredible people who seem to have more than their fair share of tragedy. This outing combined with finding out another young woman with Cystinosis has been having grand mal seizures, really forced me to stop feeling sorry for myself this week. I'm having my longtime issues with fatigue and a few other things but these two things combined and shook some perspective into me.

A few of my favorite trees:

This surfing santa was so clever! Several trees were combined to create the wave. Just too cute! The seashells spelled out "Maui Christmas". 

Here is the best shot we could get of the Sookie Monster with the Cookie Monster. I love the look of determination on her face as she is trying to wiggle out of Glamma's arms.

Apple approved R's latest app! We are so excited. My Snowman allows you to build your very own snowman and customize it to however you want. Much better than getting all cold and wet in real snow.


  1. Awww! Sookie is adorable!

    new follower here from Follow Me Back Tuesday to return your follow. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. how fun! I love looking at trees! Sookie is too cute!

  3. I found you from a comment on Enjoying the Small Things. Looks like you also live in Utah. They have the "Maui Christmas" tree in the lobby of PCMC now. We were just there for a sleep study last week. Love your story and your miracle baby! Happy 1st Christmas little one!