02 September 2011

some brilliant blogs

{via pinterest}

& oh how i DO love you blogs...and coffee. i need this cute print for my little inspiration corner, don't you think?

happy friday sweet friends! how are you all doing after another crazy week? any fun plans for the labor day weekend?

today kelly's korner is having a link up about your favorite blogs. i thought i would join in. i stuck to the blogs i adore that are lesser known, but that i think everyone should be reading. ;)

{fabulous blogs!}

shelby and i have been friends for over a decade. she recently moved to dc and inspires me endlessly to take bold steps to take my life where i want it to be.

my friend jill is hilarious. like pee your pants if you've had a child, or even some if you haven't, kind of hilarious. she always makes me laugh and her personality shines through her writing.

i love the name of clare's blog almost as much as i love her. she is one of the sweetest souls i have ever been blessed to have in my life. she writes about a myriad of things (hence, the title of her blog) and always inspires me to work harder to be kind to myself. she has oodles of wonderful financial advice as well!

lindsay is so kind and always has pretty things to share. her blog always make me feel peaceful. bonus? her shop has beautiful things, like peacock earrings!

dana's blog design is about the cutest thing i've ever seen. i just recently came across her blog, but i am loving everything she posts! she put up a wonderful makeup tutorial a few days ago. she makes the cutest little plush critters in her etsy shop!

there are definitely more blogs i love, but this momma needs a nap after a long night with sookie. taking baby steps to keep my stress levels at bay. i've realized i truly need to be nicer to my body and stop trying to do everything all the time. ha, a novel concept right? i simply want the best for her, at every single minute of every day and sometimes i let myself get too carried away with the stress of that. definitely re-prioritizing a lot of things and it feels fabulous. i owe it to myself and to my daughter to be at my best, to live the brightest version of my life. don't we all?

you are your own future and that thought is incredibly empowering. i hope you all know that too; life is too short to wait to be happy, or to put off taking better care of yourself. do something for YOU today. that is my challenge. what will it be?

hope you are having a day full of things that make you smile.


  1. Hi, Tahnie. I came across your blog on facebook (the Utah blogger's thing). I used to teach at Cedar Ridge elementary and I think your sister was one of my students. She was a great girl and I really loved knowing her. She talked about you all the time. So glad you're doing well and have such a cute little baby.

  2. Love your blog!! Thanks for some new sites to stalk... is there anything better than wasting time blog hopping? (Well, blog hopping + chocolate, I suppose.)

  3. Love it when people share other blogs they like! Thanks for some new ones!

  4. I love that print, just change coffee to tea and we're good to go. :)

  5. Hi Tahnie,
    I'm visiting you from WW and wanted to say hello. I am so glad to have found your blog; I am inspired by your story and your outlook on life.

    We have similar blog tastes. :) I am already following 3 of the 5 blogs you listed...they are all brilliant in their own way - from writing to designing. LOVE. :)

    I look forward to reading along and learning more about you! Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Aww Tahnie, thanks for this. Although now the pressure is on for me to be super-hilarious! Phew. I'll try my best.