02 September 2011

five minute friday: rest

grateful for this week. SO thankful. it's been a doozy, but so packed full of good stuff i think i'm going to start a new link up series titled "the good stuff sunday" to bottle up all of the good stuff encapsulated in our week. what do you think? will you come back on sunday and link up? i adore seeing what little pieces of joy people pick out of their weeks. 

five minute friday is such a blessing. if you are tired of your words, if they have escaped you this week, if you find yourself frantically trying to track down some inspiration; five minute friday is for you. i'm linking up again this week even though it was a rough start and even after pushing myself some, i still didn't get enough out of the prompt...but i did it. and you should too! just write for five minutes on the given topic and see what flows out of your fingertips. get messy, color outside the lines, don't fret over editing. then hit publish. link up over at the gypsy mama and visit the others who have as well. it is an amazing and encouraging link up each week! which is why i keep coming back. ;)


i love words. at times, i live for words. while i attempt to rest, words are shaking in my capillaries, crowding my bones, aching and clawing to get out. but in a good way, not in the desperate empty way any of this sounds. 19 months into motherhood, it is a lesson i am repeatedly given (both times this year in a HUGE way after ER trips) that i cannot survive, let alone THRIVE without being gentle with myself and surrenderring to...rest.

full circle, sookie reminds me to rest. to be kind to myself. to sleep hard, play hard, word hard, live life in pink. rest is required if we are to live out our days fully, with as much gusto as possible. soak up the quiet. dwell in the silence and the much bigger message awaiting underneath all of that stillness.

slow down.


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oh friday, thanks for existing & reminding us to have fun, be young, live in the now, & dance like you don't care what anyone thinks.

here's to a weekend full of hope. the most potent kind.


  1. She is zonked out! Play hard, sleep hard for sure. Hope you enjoy your Friday and the start to this long weekend :) Stopped over from the Weekend Wanderer

  2. rest is always the best :) i got alot of that last weekend, thankfully.
    love the feature you did! thank you so much, you are awesome!!!

  3. The photo is so beautiful! It's a wonderful reminder that rest is such a necessary part of life.

    Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama.

  4. Wonderful, precious post! Rest is so important for fueling special times! I enjoyed visiting here today.