13 September 2011

new banana

muddy jeans are a sign of a good day.
no, wait...a really good day.

roar has lured me into a new nightly ritual; after we get miss sook to surrender to the bliss of dreamland, we settle into season 3 of parks & recreation and haagen dazs coffee toffee almond ice cream bars. okay, the parks & rec is only his fault, the haagen dazs is my mom's. but you can't go wrong with laughter so intense it spurs snorting fits and ice cream. can you? well my jeans are fitting snug these days, but oh well. laughter burns calories so it is a win/win.

my plate is so full these days i frequently need multiple pieces of pretty china to accommodate to everything and more than two arms to balance it all. but you know what? i had a mini epiphany today; it is all stuff i love doing; tasks i put my whole heart into, projects that matter, forces i am passionate about.

so why do i stress? probably because i think i need to, but i'm getting better at realizing when my head is pounding with chaos and basking in deep breaths and calm vibes. matter of fact, this afternoon when i was going over my to do list and simply wanting to burst into tears of inadequacy, my dad asked if sook, my mom and i wanted to join him for a late lunch. and you know what? i threw my many tasks into the fading background of life and let yummy mexican food and priceless moments with family take center stage. 

i have to say, i quite enjoy it when i teach myself a lesson.

this week i'm excited for the utah state fair and the intense rivalry to play out on the football field between the utes and byu. 

what are you excited for?

if nothing else...


relish in the simple joys.
they will get you far.


  1. hahaha love that quote! So appropriate for my grumpy days!!

  2. Love your blog! I just became a follower! Stop by and say hi
    love the saying too!

  3. Heheh I love that saying! Almost as good as the one about the bird with the french fry! :)