04 September 2011

the good stuff sunday

we are venturing into something brand new today! after writing last week's "the good stuff" sunday, i felt so much better about the previous week, with a renewed sense of vigor for the upcoming one as well. so i was thinking, why not spread this and host a link up every sunday? the good stuff sunday is like a weekly gratitude list, all of your "good stuff" from the past week! the only thing i ask if you link up, is please grab a button so others can come visit as well.

oh the button? i had this silly idea to put one of my Stella & Dot necklaces on a turtle, and throw a can of diet coke in there as well; because all three of those things are good, happy things. sookie looked like a turtle in many of her ultrasounds, thus earning herself the nickname of turtle girl. therefore we have a lot of turtle paraphernalia around here. ;)

the good stuff is watching my dad live out the love of a grandpa. i never thought i would get to witness something so perfect. he re-fashioned our old tricycle for sook in pink and purple. he was beyond giddy to show it to her. she still has awhile to go before she reaches the pedals, but oh how sweet.

the good stuff is a saturday night to wander around target all.by.myself. if you are a momma to a toddler, you know that this is pure bliss. even better? later that night roar was gone to a blink 182 concert, S was asleep, and i further spoiled myself with a new pop of color on my toes (gorgeous teal color from essie, called trophy wife. haha), a blue moon, and the latest issue of martha stewart living.

the good stuff is listening, really listening, to what people are saying.

the good stuff is that roar was in the paper today with an article about his company and his iPhone apps. we are SO proud of him. he moves me every day to keep with what i want, no matter what is in the way.

the good stuff is my grandpa (sookie's great grandpa, who she now calls "other poppa") saying "i'm going to put that on ebay!" after receiving a kiss from sook. now honestly, he might have meant to say he was going to put it on facebook, but he makes me laugh either way.

the good stuff is watching sookie channel her inner sheep herder at my parents'.

the good stuff is sephora and chipotle in the same night. talk about happy overload to my senses. i picked up some goodies at sephora with sweetly given birthday funds. i get too excited over new makeup, but i'm psyched to paint this tired momma face with some fresh new colors.

the good stuff is sookie's vocablulary is growing by the second.

the good stuff is that jack (our sweet, but crazy weiner dog) is doing so much better. he hurt his back earlier in the week and while he has done it before, this time was particularly scary. he is easily prone to back problems because of his long body so close to the ground. we give him meds and make him rest as much as possible; which is no easy feat for him. but he's doing a lot better and seems to be on the mend. he and sookie are such funny playmates; they equally annoy and entertain one another. but there is SO much love between them.

the good stuff is being so alive with ideas that i have about 10 blog posts in draft mode right now. i love the chapters of my life when inspiration overwhelms me, gives me zest; i thrive on it. such a beautiful thing.

the good stuff is coffee in my pink "all you need is love" beatles mug. sookie gave it to me for mother's day.

the good stuff is listening to the new live counting crows album; august & everything after: live at town hall. falling in love with mr. durtiz all over again; his passion injects right into you through his words. he will always be capable of giving me chills.

now it is your turn! what has been "the good stuff" from your week?


  1. whata wonderful post--I linked up too.
    I hope this hop takes off-we should be greatfulevery day but setting aside one day to really focus on the poast week is a good thing =)

  2. i love this post--the picture of sookie with the sheep is AMAAAAZING.

    i also do love this idea; i hope to link-up someday when i have a little more time, which is not this week. :)