08 September 2011

{inspiration workshop} inspiring books

books are an escape, they take us far away. books are a vehicle to detour from our current reality. books are like good friends, they invite you in, make you a cup of hot coffee, and put their arms around you when you really really need a hug. books are the break we need from the hustle and bustle. books help us reconnect with our authentic selves. books take our hand and coax us to delve back into our happiest childhood moments; where the world was free, laughter was the best medicine, and birds chirped in a sing song way just for you and you only. books force us to slow down, take a breath, soak up the perfection that is everywhere around us. books inspire us, delight us, entertain us, make us, and break us.

i heart books. don't you?

this week the Gussy Sews inspiration workshop prompt is: Inspiring Books.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

books have led me through some of the most difficult times in my life; frequent hospitalizations, my kidney transplant, losing my sister, and my pregnancy. i love jumping head first into a new book, ready to go wherever the words will flow. 

a book that has meant the most to me this year has been: 

by Kobi Yamada


  1. I love that book. It is such a pick me up! I think that everyone should own a copy. {stopping by from Gussy}

  2. That is very inspiring and so fun!

    Stopping by from gussy!

  3. I am so glad I found you through the Inspiration Workshop.

    I am currently trying to find my own way through a high risk pregnancy {pre-existing type 1 diabetes} and it's so encouraging to read about your journey.

    thank you for sharing.

  4. Looks like a lovely book!! I'm new to your blog! Nice to "meet" you www.myriahmae.blogspot.com