20 September 2011

the good stuff sunday (on a monday)

the good stuff sunday

...on a monday, because yesterday i took a much needed break from technology. (more on this later.)

the good stuff is chipotle guacamole and a dainty blue flower pin in her hair

the good stuff is the way a brilliant blue shirt brings out those eyes that make me feel like I can do anything...truly anything

the good stuff is the rapture that enthralls her as she spies a praying mantis on the front lawn and does her best to hold him, ever so gently

the good stuff is my new favorite color combination for fall; turquoise and purple

the good stuff is scooping my girl up in a hug to comfort her, feeling her hot breath right up against my neck

the good stuff is witnessing her riding a pony at the fair with poppa protectively by her side

the good stuff is spying teeny tiny shoes right next to my giant ones

the good stuff is our new headbands from la luce our incredible sponsor!

the good stuff is the utes absolutely slaughtering byu on saturday night; 54 to 10
(i have fierce ute pride as that is the hospital where i had my kidney transplant and where i graduated college)

the good stuff is my favorite day i've had in a very long time, in nature, with the two loves of my life.

and here...in pictures. ;)

what was the good stuff from your week? link up to your posts in the comments below, or just leave a comment with your gratitude list. i love reading what you all have to share! it inspires me to be more meticulous about picking out the little details from my week as well.

the happiest of mondays to you. 

make some memories this week.
capture it. write about it. relish in it.
stretch your toes.


  1. I totally enjoyed some Chipotle guacamole yesterday. Yum! Looks like you had a wonderful week :)

  2. love it all!
    turquoise and purple are rockin' my socks! xo

  3. New follower here from over at the shine project! Looking forward to getting to know you! I hate Mondays so it's nice to see you focus on the happy parts! My happiest part was joining a new vintage lovers FB group and chatting about all kinds of fun stuff!


  4. this is super sweet. i need to think about the good stuff more often.

  5. I love how long your "good stuff" list is. It shows how you are able to appreciate what you have. Beautiful post!

  6. That sounds like a very perfect week! I love your new color combo love! FANTASTIC! : ) Wishing you another good one. May it be filled with lots of good stuff.

  7. What a beautiful post! It made my heart happy ;)

  8. How sweet. Love the positive tone in your post. I love your story too, the little of it that I quickly puruesed. New follower from comment hour, looking forward to reading more!

    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  9. you had me at chipotle guacamole...or was it that you lost me then...mmmm guacamole...
    anyways - LOVED the sweetness of this post and all it represents. hoping to be able to link up here soon too cause i LOVE the concept of it!
    thank you for sharing!
    congrats on #commenthour! nice to meet you!


  10. My good stuff came after a super rough day yesterday - check out my most recent post to see the things that made me smile:


  11. You are beautiful inside and out!! I feel so inspired by you, the mother you are and your life in general!! You are amazing!! Found you on the shine project and I think I am here to stay! :)