17 September 2011

five minute friday: joy

friday is nearly over; i cannot stop thinking about Sara. i feel guilty because i didn't know her as well as so many did in this blog world, but i feel like i've lost a friend. a very dear friend who showed me a million times over that illness does not have to take away your dignity, or your sense of humor. SUCH a massive realization to me over the years.

i'm linking up with the gypsy mama for five minute friday, and this is, by far, the most difficult five minute friday i've ever written.


sara's mantra was; CHOOSE JOY.
no matter what: CHOOSE JOY.
every second of every day: CHOOSE JOY.

i've never met Sara Frankl, but she has impacted my life greatly. news of her impeding death has been consuming my thoughts the past few days. she is someone who battled serious illness, was in pain every day, and was confined to her house for three years. SHE COULDN'T GO OUTSIDE FOR 3 YEARS.  i think about how being confined to your home for 3 years would kill the soul and devastatingly demolish 97% of people. & yet she lived life with zest. she radiated love. sara is everything i aim to be; strong, courageous, funny, giving, LIVING. she lived. SO BRIGHT. she chose joy, she truly did. i only hope i can handle Cystinosis with more grace, more gratitude and more strength. thank you Sara. your light will shine forever.

grace is a dream for me. grace is how i want to live. grace is walking through your reality with a smile on your face and your head held high, even though you know what horrific downfalls wait for you around the corner. grace was my great grandma's middle name. grace is living every minute you are alive. grace is putting others before yourself. grace is the best response to a heartbreaking situation. grace is my incredible cousin kenley's middle name. grace holds your hand at the end of the day, gently squeezes it and assures you "you are perfect just the way you are." grace is something i want to be so tied up in, that is in interlaced into my flesh and bones. grace is something i ache to teach sookie.

i believe grace and joy are the best of friends.

you choose joy,

...and it chooses you right back.


  1. So beautiful, just like Sara. I am in awe of her strength and the spirit of Christ that she shares.

  2. I didn't know her, I didn't read her blog, but now I wish to read it from the bottom to the top..

  3. Jessica Turner over at The Mom Creative is a friend of Miss Sara. She has a post where friends/bloggers can link their Sara-Joy stories. These links are being read to Sara by her family. You should link this post to it! :)


  4. Hopped over from from Gypsy's....beautiful post...I too want to life in grace...walking through my reality with a smile...not matter what life is.
    your story is amazing...bless the Lord for all your wonderful gifts...living life...and a precious little girl.


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