03 September 2011

saturday morning scene

when we allow ourself the priceless luxury of easing into our days?

these are the best days.

Saturday Morning Scene


this gorgeous first saturday in september greeted us with crisp fifty five degree temperatures this morning. college football (utah state vs auburn) is on the t.v. and little miss S is babbling on the couch reading "there's a wocket in my pocket" to us. i sure do love that good old dr. seuss.

sookie has been showcasing her newly acquired bubble blowing skills, playing in mommy's bare escentuals and brushes, and taking pretend, but still incredibly crucial, business calls on her pink phone.

i made blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with red onions, green peppers, and tomatoes fresh from poppa's garden. we danced and let loose to def leppard and fergie. (i make sure sook gets a healthy dose of ray lamontagne, patty griffin, and the doors, to counteract said guilty pleasure tunes. ;)


i'm putting sponsor related things and stella & dot things at the bottom of posts in order to keep entries somewhat streamlined. i hope that makes sense. we do have a lot of exciting things happening around here lately and i'm ecstatic about it! :)

i wanted to pass along the labor day special from Stella & Dot receive a free $60 bracelet with any $125 purchase. it really isn't too early to snag one for a christmas gift! just add your items to your cart, add the bracelet, and the discount will be applied. plus, for the holiday weekend, there is an additional 20% off all SALE items


tomorrow will see a new feature here on the blog, the good stuff sunday. we will cherish all the good stuff about our weeks. like a gratitude list at the end and start of a new week. sound good? i can't wait to see what you have ready to link up! i really believe thinking and writing about "the good stuff" is good for the soul, no matter how your week went.

here is to having a wonderful day.


  1. Sounds like a good Saturday. I can't wrap my tongue around There's a Wocket in my Pocket...it's currently on the very top of the bookshelf.

  2. cutest pjs ever!!!!!!!


  3. I absolutely love the squirrel PJs! So adorable. However, I'm also jealous of the 55 degree weather haha. I miss living in Utah where September meant it was almost snow time XD

  4. Sookie sure is a cutie, and your eggs recipe sounds delish!