20 February 2012

our love is

I say...

Love is: throwing all caution to the wind & going on a date after an awful breakup. Love is: Starbucks, mountains in the distance & the thrilling goosebumps of meeting someone who will change your life forever. Love is: fun, mischief, butterflies, & only weeks after meeting, a man who boldly tells me "our love story will be the greatest ever told!" Love is: falling for a girl with a crazy fatal illness and loving her through the years with reckless abandon. Love is: going to every single doctor appointment & being an absolute rock despite the fact you are petrified of losing your girl and your unborn daughter. Love is: strings of "I love yous" in a labor and delivery room in the face of the crippling pain and blissful magic of childbirth. Love is: teaching this girl how to truly LIVE and dance to the mantra of "may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows." ♥

He says...

Love is being yourself in front of the one you love, to be truly transparent. Love is being able to fart (we all do). Love is spending every last dime to experience life and enjoy it why we have it. Love is seeing beyond outer layers and truly caring what's inside. Love is pretending to like frozen pizza for the first 4 months. Love is the only thing you can give that won't take. Love is free and abundant. Love is having a migraine and letting someone release tension by beating the hell out of some drums. Love is for the moments of now and knowing but not worries about the trials that tomorrow will bring.


  1. What a beautiful post....so happy to have found your blog through the Blog Hop. You have quite a story to tell here and your family is such an inspiration.

  2. This is such a great little spin on all the mushy 'look what I got for Valentine's Day' posts. Love the he said, she said...very creative! I am so happy that you introduced yourself on my blog! I can't wait to get to know you better!

  3. Love this post - very sweet! :)

  4. Love is being able to fart. I'm dying. It's so true though. You have an amazing perspective on life. This post is beautiful.

  5. This is amazing and perfect. You always have a way of bringing me to tears. Love your definitions of love, it is all SO true! You really do have the most amazing love story :) Thank you so so much for sharing. And thank you for linking up with Marriage Week!