10 February 2012

fun with food

I'm excited it is Friday! I had a little too much fun with Sookie's plate of food today. I always do my best to make meals and snacks whimsical by injecting a touch of creativity into them. So today? Tillamook cheese windmills, with Annie's bunny pretzels hopping gleefully on a grassy knoll of organic black beans. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Oh yes! It does my heart good to see that girl smile.

How do you have fun with food at your house?

Have a happy day!

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  1. Those rabbit pretzels are way too cute! :D

  2. Love the rabbit pretzels. I've seen them -- now I'll buy them!

    We have fun with bento boxes. We go for lots of cute food meals around here; with three toddler/preschoolers and two teens, I just can't do enough to make all that healthy food appealing.

  3. Mmm...Tillamook cheese is so good! And my kids love those Annie's bunny pretzels. Cute!

  4. Just found you're blog via the blooming daisy. I have to say it's so cute! I too love to play with food and come up with cute lunches for my son :) He's 8 but no matter what age who doesn't love a heart shaped sandwich? hehe