04 November 2010


How is it Thursday I ask? Where did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday go? Well, Sookie caught a stomach bug, (perhaps the flu), Monday and since it has spread all over our house and even to Glamma and Poppa's. Needless to say it has been a difficult few days. I'm really weak and dizzy, trying to keep up with her. I can tell she isn't herself, but she is still constantly on the move. And I don't want to take anyone up on their offers to come help out because I don't want them to get sick as well. I feel like I shouldn't have opened my big mouth because just a few weeks ago R and I were basking in how good it felt that we haven't had to take Sook to the doctor for being sick. Ha, remind me not to brag and feel proud of myself for things like that again. It just felt like such a major accomplishment when I thought for sure she would be having a million problems this year. She's been a trooper though and I keep reminding myself this is only temporary and counting my blessings she isn't sick from chemo. You have to find a silver lining somewhere, right?

Is it wrong that I haven't ate anything in nearly 3 days and yet Chipotle sounds delicious right now? Oh the "perks" of Cystinosis. Actually Kneaders Artichoke Portabello Mushroom soup sounds wonderful right now too. I suppose I'm just hungry.

On Friday we took Sookie to her first pumpkin patch. She loved it. And tried to climb out of the wagon.;)

She is such a sweetheart. I'm really hoping we are all on the mend because this week has been miserable!

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