25 November 2010

My Amazing Mother

My mother gave me the gift of life not once, but twice.

I decided to repay her by giving her a miracle grand baby against all odds and despite the fact she did not think she would ever get to be a grandmother.

I still owe her, don't you think?

Well, you see she not only gave birth to me, but donated her kidney to me. Some people are surprised to find out the surgery for the donor is much more difficult than the surgery for the recipient. Most of the time they have to break a rib or two in order to access the magical kidney that is being removed and transported to a new body. See? You learned something new today. 

My mother spent her birthday this year traveling to ASN Renal Week in Denver so that she could pass along much needed information and support resources to adult nephrologists with Cystinosis patients. My mother stopped by today to make bottles for me and made my day. (My energy lately is completely zapped, I have nothing.) My mother understands the importance of a good purse. My mother watches Sookie for me when I need a breather, or must run errands, or both. My mother is constantly teaching me lessons. My mother made me realize what is the epitome of a mother who goes above and beyond. My mother advocated for my health for several years and passed on a fierce knowledge to me in the process. My mother went to every single OB appointment with me throughout my pregnancy; I had so many, I lost count. My mother bought Sookie her first pair of jeggings. ;)

Her birthday was last week (on the 17th) and as previously mentioned we spent the majority of the day traveling. I meant to have this post up earlier, but you know me and when I try to plan things.

{Mother's Day 2009; little did I know this would be my last Mother's Day that I wasn't a Mama! ;)}

I know it is a week late, but Happy Birthday Mama! I hope Sookie and the Utes joining the Pac-12 can guarantee that this is a wonderful year ahead for you.