15 November 2010

October Goals Revisted/November Goals

(My fabulous friend Clare is the inspiration behind these goals of the month posts.)

Recap: My October Goals were...

* Make my own baby food for Sookie. Even if I fail, I must at least try this once. I know homemade baby food is so much healthier for her. & maybe I can get her to eat peas. Ha!
* Get organized.
* Realize I am an amazing mother; even with gallstones and possible hip fractures.*
* Don't waste energy on situations and/or people who do not deserve it.
* Go to bed earlier.
* Give myself a little me time to work on projects, read, write, daydream, nap.

Well. I definitely did not go to bed earlier. Maybe I did a couple of nights. I have smashed up avocado for Sookie; that is the extent of my adventure in making my own baby food. R organized the hall closet for me a few days ago...does that count for getting organized? ;)

I definitely didn't give myself me time to emotionally recharge. I'm still really hard on myself that I'm not doing enough as a mother, but I think society has set women up for failure in that area. It is impossible to be perfect in every facet of your life.

So, since I failed so fabulously at every single one of those October goals, and in addition November is already half over. My November Goal is...to be happy. Yep that's it. I'm not stressing about pleasing everyone for Thanksgiving, I'm not obsessing about how clean my house is, or how much laundry I have to get done. I'm stealing smiles from my little girl. I'm not going to worry about my health. I'm just going to be happy, dang it!


  1. oh man...that poster is AMAZING.

    also, i'd say your goal for november is a pretty good one. :)

  2. you are an AMAZING mama. i wish you could see yourself the way your family does.
    and i love that cute saying. very cute.
    xoxox love ya


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