09 November 2010

Sookie's First Halloween

It is hard to believe Halloween has come and gone. Although today I had this sudden burst to decorate my whole house for Christmas already. (Is that insane?) This year was so special because of course it was our first celebrating with Sookie. We spent the Saturday before running around for last minute accessories to complete our costumes. It was fun to have a little random date in the afternoon rain. We were able to enjoy lots of time with family over the Halloween weekend; I was even a bad mom less strict than usual about food and let Sookie have a taste of a dum dum sucker! Her costume has been in my head for months now; that swimsuit was actually mine when I was little. It added a sweet touch to her whole ensemble and made me feel overly emotional and cry thinking about the little version of me who wore it all those years ago. (But then again, everything makes me cry lately.)

Allan (from 'The Hangover'), Wilma, and Pebbles - just hanging out. R didn't think he would make a good Fred, so he ruined our theme. Just kidding! We are destined to be random. Last year when I was pregnant, I was Santa and he was Tobias from 'Arrested Development'. Maybe we will just agree to be mismatched and see how random we can get it! Ha.

 That is a real chicken bone in her hair. That's how we roll around here. ;)