11 October 2010


To celebrate 10/10/10...

In the last ten years, in no particular order, I:

1. Had my Make A Wish fulfilled at 17 (I was very close to the cut off age of 18) & met Hanson. That same weekend I saw 'Almost Famous' for the first time and felt such gratitude to Cameron Crowe for showcasing what it truly is to love music.

2. Went off all immunosuppressant medications for my kidney. Technically you are never supposed to do this after any kind of transplant because your body will reject the transplanted organ. Very rarely it can be done, but it is risky (& incredibly scary!) My team of pediatric nephrologists (I was still seen under pediatrics when I was 17) felt it was worth the risk because of other things, namely a horrific virus, I was dealing with. I am still off all my anti-rejection medications and have not had one single episode of rejection with my kidney. Knock on wood. I am extremely blessed in this aspect.

3. Said goodbye to my Grandma K very unexpectedly. She was so much of my world for so long.

4. Went to Amsterdam and Paris. It was incredible even though I was in a very bad place in my life.

5. Said goodbye to my one and only sister. There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled.

& 6 months later?

6. Met the love of my life. (I truly believe she had a hand in this, even though I think we would have found each other if she was still here. Make sense? Okay I know it doesn't, but for some reason it does in my heart ;)

7. Graduated from The University of Utah with my BS in Human Development and Family Studies with a Child Life emphasis

8. Found out I was pregnant (against all odds, logic, and reason) on June 9th, 2009. Which just happened to be Rory's 30th birthday. Talk about an amazing gift. ;)

9. Gave birth & said hello to Sookie Sierra, my miracle of miracles, on February 1st, 2010 at 1:53 p.m.

10. Received the marvelous news that Sookie does not have Cystinosis. I sobbed and sobbed tears of joy. I did not want my daughter to endure what I did while growing up. I want her to have a truly innocent childhood and simply enjoy being young. I knew in my head that she probably didn't have it, but with how tiny she was (and is) and with how much she pees, I was consumed with worry until the actual blood test. This just happened to be on R's birthday again. I have no idea what I am going to get him next year!

We had a fun afternoon with Glamma (my mom) today. It was very welcome as I had a rough night full of pain from a gallbladder attack. I thought Sookie looked so cute in her baby legs from cousins Derek and Anzana! I was so excited that they finally fit her. I took the photo below with my iPhone, but it was just too fun not to post.

We had a little bite to eat at Mimi's Cafe and then headed a few places to shop. Sookie was so well behaved while we ate and also at Babies R Us. She actually fell asleep on me while we were looking at clothes. Apparently she is bored with the idea of clothes now because she has so many?

I finally picked out a high chair for her.

I'm a little disappointed it didn't come with a basket in the back as I always have to distract her with a few toys while I am preparing her food and I wanted a nice convenient place to stash them, but I think we will make something work. I like that it is a little different and I loved the colors of yellows and grays after I convinced myself it was okay if she didn't have a pink one. Ha! ;)

Did you do anything special for 10/10/10?