21 October 2010

Sookie's Fairy Garden Nursery

{If you are here from Kelly's Korner, Welcome! If you are not familiar with our miracle girl, you can read Sookie's Story HERE. Thanks so much for stopping by! If you are a new reader, drop me a line and introduce yourself! I love meeting new people and discovering new blogs to read.}

I didn't have the perfect nursery envisioned during my pregnancy, if you can believe that. I actually did not really have much ready when she arrived. I was so scared that if I had everything all finished, that we wouldn't get to bring her home. I know that should not have been the way I lived life, I should have had more faith, but honestly we had no idea how delivery would go, how she would react to any of it, or how my body would handle the stress. I have read accounts of losing babies and then having to come home and face the nursery all waiting for them and I just told myself I would not do that, because I couldn't. There was no way. But, she is doing so well now I am happy to keep adding here and there to it and tweaking it to fit her sweet little personality so perfectly.

This is the view from the doorway. And yes, those are books on the ground...she is 8 1/2 months, just keeping it real! ;)

Daddy's guitar takes up residence in the corner often, as she loves being serenaded to sleep with his precious and sometimes silly songs. Her bookshelf holds stuffed animals from loved ones, books, and her ever growing piggy bank collection. It is so important to me that she loves books, so I try to pick her up new ones all the time. My favorites to read to her are Dr. Seuss and Sandra Boynton. I hope my love for them transfers over to her.

The cards hanging from the line are just a taste of the many sweet ones we received when she came into this world. I had this idea for her room early on and it turned out just how I wanted it. I found the clips and line at Ikea.

I love her black crib too. I just adore pink and black together.

The framed picture is actually the article of her story that appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 Cystinosis Research Network newsletter. R framed it for me and hung it up. I thought that was so sweet.

This is a vinyl decal on one of her walls. I had been so against vinyl decals, then R found this and it just made me sob, so of course I told him to get it! The article of her story is right below.

This little corner is so cute! I found the green vines, butterflies, daisy chain, and mushrooms at a craft store called Roberts. The two flower lamps are from Ikea.

This is the shelf above her changing table. I know I will treasure her little hand and feet prints when she is a big girl, I already do. They weren't done exactly when we brought her home, I waited awhile, but I think they are a sweet touch to her room. I found the little flower, owl, and mushroom containers at Target. Target is my happy place. ;)

Sookie's sweet and talented cousin Tahsha made her the wall hanging.

Of course, it isn't perfect and I still have a lot of work to do, but I adore the way it is now and will evolve as she gets bigger.


  1. I love Sookie's garden room. You have an amazing testimony, I'm so glad you got to bring her home.

  2. Beautiful room, I love all the little touches. The idea to hang the cards is brilliant!
    P.S. Target is my happy place too :)

  3. I love how you strung up cards from wall to wall! Very pretty touch!

  4. I LOVE everything about it Tahnie. So great.

  5. She is beautiful! Her name fits her too.