14 October 2010

Monsters & Manolos

I'm excited because my sweetie's newest app is in the iTunes store today! It is probably my favorite one out of the 11 apps that his company, Appdicted, has available. I am so proud of him for really just putting everything he has into this company and proving that when you want to make things happen, you can.

The app is called "Monster Meter" and it consists of four different scanning techniques to scan a room in order to make sure it is free of monsters. I think it is such a cute idea and such a help to parents who have children who are afraid that there are monsters in their rooms.

The best part is that you can adjust the settings to how you want the results to turn out. If they are scared to sleep in their bedroom, your exhausted self can make sure that the scan doesn't find any monsters at all. Everyone gets a good night of sleep and viola, your life is perfect. (Okay, that isn't guaranteed but it definitely helps all facets of our lives when we are well rested, no?) At the other end of the spectrum, if it is a room in your house where you don't necessarily want your kids, you can make sure monsters will turn up in that room. But don't worry, even when monsters are found, they are quite adorable.

I had a less than stellar day today heath wise; gallbladder and hip pain didn't want me to attack my to do list at all. I remind myself constantly that even if I don't get things crossed off my growing list, doesn't mean the day is wasted. I try to focus on what I did do, instead of everything that I didn't get done. You would think after 8 1/2 months of motherhood I would have realized by now that I will always go to bed with a million things left to accomplish. I captured some precious moments of Sookie throughout the day; we spent lots of time on the floor playing, reading, and of course crawling everywhere. I also taught her about Manolo Blahnik. He happened to be on 'The View' and it inspired me to teach her about gorgeous shoes. ;)

Is it wrong that if I home school her I am already trying to figure out how I can sneak in fashion lessons such as this, among history, reading, math, english, etc?

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