24 October 2010

Rainy Weekend Babble

I had a joy filled week, maybe that is why I'm a little blue today and the rain is getting me down? Who knows. R and S are both napping, so I am taking a mental break from life. Well okay, I'm doing laundry, working on Stella & Dot business, and catching up on my guilty pleasure T.V. show. But this commercial makes me smile. ;)

As I said, it was a busy and fun week. Monday was 16 years since my transplant, a good friend spent a few days with us and afforded me the luxury to escape from reality for a few days (post dedicated to this visit coming soon), and Friday was my darling cousin's 21st birthday. We went to visit her at work and took her a birthday gift.

Of course, yesterday was another fun day in the world of college football. The last few years I get more excited about college football than I do the NFL because the college kids just seem to care more and have more spark for the game. Here is S sporting her new hat!

We have season tickets to the Utes games, so my mom and R went together. It was a rainy day and I just didn't want to go stand in the rain. (I know, I'm a bad fan!) So, S and I went to my parents' house to watch it with my dad. The Utes beat Colorado State 59-6. Okay, beat is putting it mildly! We are 7-0 now and I have a feeling we are going to be BCS busters once again!