04 October 2010

8 months!

Miss Sookie Sierra, can you believe you are 8 months old? It is simply amazing. You are everywhere these days and Mama has to watch you like a hawk. I treasure every second of this time but let's be real for a second, it can be a struggle as well. I have to remind myself multiple times a day that you won't remember if the house is spotless, but reading with you and playing with you will be so evident in your blossoming personality and your exquisite development I get to be a part of every single day. It is precious to me how interested you are in finding out how the world works and what every little thing does, feels like, sounds like, or tastes like.

I realize as your Mama I am completely bias of your beauty. However, we live in the land of people with 10 million children, and yet when we are out and about I am always stopped by strangers who comment on how cute you are. You are also very friendly to everyone and love to flash smiles at people you don't know.

You absolutely love being outside. You love all things that have to do with nature. Poppa often takes you outside to pick flowers for me. You encountered your first praying mantis the other day and you were tickled with joy. You love to go on walks with Jack and I. These days you are crawling everywhere. You think Jack's water dish is a new toy. You can pull yourself up in your crib and Glamma and Poppa's family room coffee table. You can hold your bottle all by yourself now. (I joke you don't need me anymore and are ready to move out on your own. Haha!) You clap your feet a lot, it is the cutest thing ever. Glamma taught you how to do paddycake; you even try to sing as you clap your hands. You have 4 new teeth on top that decided to all break through at once, you are such a tough girl! (You had to be to get here, right? :)

Last month you went to the fair for the first time. You also went to the circus for the first time. I was anxious about how you would react and knew there was a good possibility you would not like it and we would have to leave early. But, you had so much fun! I think you actually enjoyed all the noise, and then when you were over it, you simply decided to take a nap.

You still love to eat. You are doing great on your veggies; tomatoes and squash seem to be your favorites right now. Mama needs to learn how to make baby food though because I know it would be so much healthier for you! And of course you deserve only the best. You love books; specifically all of yours that have textures to explore.

Your personality just astounds me every minute; it is so big and bold already! You are so much fun and teach me new lessons multiple times a day.


  1. Happy 8 months to your little one! So cute that she sucks her fingers.. I did when I was little too!

  2. Hi! I’m a new follower to your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading it. Happy 8 months! Thanks for letting me share your life.