21 June 2013

two months away from (what was once) an impossible day.

I am two months away from a day I never thought I would see!

I turn the 30 on August 19th! There are many reasons this is a significant day in my life, in addition to the obvious culturally driven ones. My head is swirling with ideas on how to best commemorate the occasion. I honestly feel like the last twenty years have been on loan. A tremendous gift of more life; more memories, more smiles, more growth, more challenges, more chances to give back. More perspective to use for good. The scope of it all brings me to my knees in gratitude. I have lost friends with Cystinosis over the years who never reached this monumental birthday, because of the complexity of the disease. It truly breaks my heart and I do ask myself often the impossible question of why am I being given so many extra chances? It is a tricky, complicated reality of living with such a rare condition with a myriad of unknowns. Everyone has such a vast scope of struggles and issues and the microscopic balance of it all can be shook and shattered in as short as a few days time.

(This photo was taken very close to the time of my diagnosis.)

I feel like my intense stubbornness has suited me well in this particular facet of my life. I am certainly hyperaware of the fact there are many other reasons I've lived this long too! ;)

One of the projects I know I will be embarking on for sure is 30 random acts of kindness. My life has definitely not been easy, but I know that it has been because of my village behind me that I am where I am today. Small gestures of paying it forward are just as integral as family members volunteering to be tested to see if they were a match to donate a kidney. Everything from those extremes and all of it in between weaves together the chapters of this story.

Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain.
Let's chat in the comments!
What did you do to celebrate your 30th? 
What do you want to do if you aren't there yet?
Have you ever done a random acts of kindness day? What types of activities were on your list?
What kinds of things would you suggest I add to my 30 random acts of kindness day?

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  1. First off...your story is so touching. (Read your about and Sookies story) I'm just in awe reading it all - your strength, courage, and love is amazing!

    Happy early Birthday - celebrate it with the things you love most! (For me it would be champagne...and hugs...and cookies...I could go on!)

    Really the first 30 years of life are such a learning stage - the next 30 will only be dealt with with more wisdom - that's the hope...so far so good!

    Random acts of kindness - everyday always say hello, smile, or open doors for people.

    Every now and then in the drive through at Starbucks, I'll pay for the person's coffee behind me.

    As for suggestions, there are many...buying someone a lunch who is in need, plugging in quarters at a meter that's running out, or do something fun like buy a bunch of smily face stickers and hand them out to strangers just because!

    I hope you have a HUUUUGE 30th birthday party!!!! I'll have a glass of champagne in your honour (arm twisted)



  2. I found you on FB party link with the Sitz Girls. You have a touching and amazing blog. I am glad I stopped by. Hugs!

  3. Oh!! I missed this. 'Am catching up on blog-reading tonight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ♥ :) I've loved my thirties. I spent my 30th with my parents and brothers and other family. My mom baked me cupcakes with pink frosting that morning and bought me flowers for my garden too, and I just spent the day being grateful and happy. My twenties were rough, so "30" itself was reason to celebrate, as you understand. I hope you had a wonderful day. I wish you much happiness, Tahnie. ♥♥