17 June 2013

hello monday: tackle the path

Hello Monday! 

Hello to a fresh start to tackle the path of what I know I need to do this summer. It sounds so elementary in my head; strive to be a better momma every day, work hard at making sacrifices to take care of myself, love like it will never hurt, forgive everyone all the time, finish my memoir. Then my ego lets the funny ways of the world get in the way. My heart says, you've got this girl. DO IT.

Hello organic sunscreen after reading this article from Food Babe.

Hello to tackling a new day with a revived intensity to live on my own terms.

Hello big handfuls of summer memories already captured and lived out; the bittersweet (meeting cousins for the first time because of a funeral), the triumphant (our 7th annual golf fundraiser and Rory's birthday all last weekend!) to the every day and simple beauty in trampoline jumping, wishes (what Miss S calls dandelions ;) at the park and a nature treasure hunt.

Hello to a simple summer hose wreath that decorates our front door. Incredibly simple and cost literally nothing to make!

Hello to my favorite summer afternoons in Great Aunt Doe Doe's backyard. I treasure conversations with this courageous lady and the wisdom she holds in her generous spirit. She has more bravery in her pinky than it has taken me nearly thirty years to acquire.

What are you saying hello to this week?

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  1. Such a great post, I love all the little details you look at and how grateful you are for all the things you have. I am saying hello to long summer days and lots of time spent in the pools.