25 June 2013

there is so much light for you darling girl

cousins in the sandbox

I'm so grateful for the happy June moments bursting and floating all around my heart right now. Each important and fueling on their own, but when grouped together create a super force that is driving me to fight even harder for the best of everything; my health, my family, my dreams, my future. 

And oh what a fight it is.

Memories flash as I see a gorgeously victorious 34 candle on a birthday cake celebrating the man who aches to see me smile and encourages me every single minute to chase happiness in every avenue, cousins climbing up into a treehouse with hidden charm, and down again with assistance from a poppa with a heart of solid gold, a charity golf tournament held in my honor that I am eager to make even better next year, family gatherings in our backyard as we beam with pride to be given the chance to invite loved ones over to our space for once, Sookie learning the true meaning and depth of the word cousins, how alike we truly are in our brokenness, the rush of a life worth living and the desire to make a difference worth remembering.

When you push yourself beyond what you think you can do, the universe has this robust way of meeting you a little further than halfway and boldly whispering in your ear...
"There is so much light for you darling girl, it wants you to catch it and let it dance in your hair. There is so much love trying to catch you; slow down and let it. Be brave enough to live it all out."

P.S. - I would like to put it out there into the universe that all I want for my upcoming 30th birthday is to share our story on the Ellen Degeneres show. Too big of a dream? Nah. ;)