20 June 2013

lessons from a 3 year old with the flu

Our girl never ceases to amaze me with the lessons she provides us, the unique ways she looks at the world, and her overall out of the box approach to everything. Yes, she is 3 so logic isn't really her best friend but she definitely marches to the music in her head, laughing every step of the way.

On Tuesday I was high on life; we had plans to look at a new (to us) car, Hanson's new album "Anthem" was released and I received confirmation that my incredible, tough as nails best friend who has been right by my side through thick and thin, is indeed coming to visit in September. (There is not enough exclamation points to properly illustrate my joy about this.) These 3 happenings mixed together were more than enough to put me on cloud nine. My car's air conditioner went out several weeks ago and it simply isn't worth it to fix. The cost to fix it in comparison to how much my little car is actually worth, it doesn't compute. Driving around in 90 degree heat makes me so sick (Many people with Cystiniosis have trouble sweating adequately which creates a situation where it is as if our internal thermostats are broken.) and being stuck on home on weekdays makes me feel like we aren't seizing the day the way we should be. Needless to say, all things considered finding a car would help tremendously with my stress levels. (Rory's too!) Hanson's new album? I adore those boys. I have for sixteen years. My Make A Wish was to meet them. I might revert back to a giddy teenager whenever they release new ear candy.

The very promising car didn't work out because the guy never texted us his address. A brutal flu hit me that afternoon around noon. Which really isn't that big of a deal when I put it in perspective. However, the next twelve hours were not so much fun. At one point my fever was so high, I felt like I was losing my mind. I'm so grateful Rory and Sookie were both feeling great and actually went on a little daddy daughter date so I could sleep. It is rare that they get to spend time alone together so that was a precious side effect of it all.

At around 5 a.m. today, it hit Sookie. As I was holding her over the toilet, her stomach lurching unnaturally, I started crying. It is one thing to be in pain yourself, but watching your child is another level entirely. She said calmly and so confidently, "It is okay momma, it will be better soon."

Yup, that is our kiddo. Cracking jokes as her head is in the toilet. "Hey look! I can see our house down there!" Singing into her "choke up bowl" (as she so affectionally started calling it.) Reminding me how lucky we are that I am the one with the life threatening incurable disease. And I'm so serious about that...writing that. I truly am glad it is me and that she is healthy. We are blessed.

We are blessed beyond our ability to comprehend.