12 June 2013


A few weeks ago I returned home with Sookie after being out of town to attend my cousin's funeral. It also happened to be two days before what would have been my sister's 23rd birthday. I felt on edge, defeated, and emotionally exhausted. Rory simply looked at me and said "You've experienced more loss than anyone ever should, therefore I think you should also experience more happiness."

Lately I'm covered in goosebumps with the ever present realization and reminders of how fragile this life truly is. This spring has been especially brutal with the amount of deaths. I've witnessed my dad embrace a dear friend with an understanding that can only be there when you are both members of a club of parents who have lost their children. I have watched my mom do the same with a strong and courageous woman who I have always thought of as an aunt.  

My dad is a very wise man; he has used his lessons and hardships in life to build a path of the utmost compassion and resilience. We were discussing this season and the questions we have all been asking ourselves, he was telling me about what a struggle it has been for him since my great uncle passed in March. Then he said something that could very well sound like an incredible cliche, but that I've attached myself to the notion of... you have to find the pretty.

Thus inspiring a new instagram project and hashtag I've wanted to share. #findthepretty I've been profoundly questioning how I am living my life, recognizing the changes I need and want to make, and what I'm doing for my legacy. #findthepretty is an encouragement to celebrate the pretty in every day, no matter what obstacles you are fighting.

The good old days are today. Happily ever after is right now. Let's lift each other up with love and embrace the beauty in our lives. Tag your instagram photos with #findthepretty I can't wait to see them and read your stories and be motivated by each other.

Let's do this! :)


  1. It just dawned on me that in the profile picture of Sookie kissing you, you look like Renee Zelweger. I'm sure you've heard that before, right?

  2. Oh I love this. You are so very inspiring. I'm going to join in on Instagram :)