29 November 2011

so much to be grateful for

Car keys hang from a sign proclaiming "home", as does a sunshine yellow purse and a teeny tiny teal peacoat.
I smile at this simple scene. It is my life. 

I climb into bed. A strong hand wraps around my hip and pulls me close as the man I've always had visions of, is existing, breathing, sleeping next to me.

when i was devastated after our return from the NIH
roar wrote this on our white board
and insisted i finished it
he pulls me up like that

Glass half full baby.
Glass half full.

To me, gratitude is about so much more than saying, "Oh I'm thankful for this, this, and this."

It is an every day, every hour, every minute kind of zest that cements you in the sheer brilliance of a moment; whether it is a big moment, a small miracle, or anything and everything in between that strings our chapters together in a tightly wound epic tale of the book of our lives.

my daddy and my girl.
infinite love.

There have been several moments screaming boldness lately and I find myself wanting to capture the feelings they elicit and bottle them up for those times when I feel weak and start to doubt my own power, my own importance, my own legacy.

I love the little things; childhood christmas songs (alabama & kenny & dolly baby!), sunshine, sparkly headbands, diet coke, sleep, a cozy bed, warm boots, food I was told to avoid, I am swimming in and finding delight in, just eating much slower, savoring every single last morsel. The big stuff: Roar being on our local news with is app company, and our girl taking her first pee in the toilet (!!!) 

And while I obsess over food lately, because I am stubborn and I want to eat all of my favorites for as long as I can...it hits me with the strength of gale force winds, this little girl in your arms? This solid person so open to the world, so gracious to everyone and anyone? The one that looks so much like you, except she is perfectly healthy? You have been blessed beyond all limits to coexist on the same time trajectory with her. 

Nothing has changed, but I'm feeling a little drunk on love & light tonight.

Happy Tuesday.
I hope it has been filled with many blessings!