11 November 2011


The power of choosing to move forward through love is infinitely huge. Thus? I refuse to let fear drive my life.

Going with this notion, I've turned a corner in blog land in terms of my insecurities and what I share. No more being painfully shy about the realities of my world.

My arms sting, burn, and ache today, but my heart and head are in a really incredible space and I'm GLAD. (Perhaps it is due to the fact I was inventive with my pajamas last night and wore my Harry Potter shirt with my Utes scrubs? ;)

a magical tea party was in order
to celebrate & embrace
11:11 am
wishes abound.
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Sookie has reinvigorated my authentic self that knows the heart of life is good, that knows joy is always an option, that knows there are times when you have to fight and fight for yourself because it is a fabulous test in this big awesome world. 
She challenges me every single minute to let that be the motivation behind everything I do and behind every choice I make. 
We are making a crucial trip to the NIH (National Institutes of Health) next week so I can have some tests done and meet with a doctor who is so incredibly smart he makes me believe in the impossible. More on this trip later, but I am bursting with excitement that this is happening, I feel like words won't convey, no matter how deep I dig for them. SO much had to come together for this trip and I will not only have Rory's moral support during the three days, but through nothing short of divine intervention, we will be able to take our girl with us and my mom will be able to watch her while Roar and I are at NIH during the day into the afternoon. 

I'm pumped, a little nervous...but like I said, it is a HUGE blessing and I have to cherish that for everything it is worth. I'm hoping against hopes for some very creative suggestions from the world renown Dr. G to fight back against muscle wasting. I'm even ready to try growth hormone and risk losing my transplanted kidney, because...well, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

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What are your 11:11 {11.11.11} wishes?

Happy happy Friday!!
Look for the good, because there is always, always something!


  1. what a fun tea party! too cute

  2. presh lil tea party! what a special memory!