28 November 2011

la luce designs

i've been admiring la luce designs from afar for awhile now. my first glimpse of them was through a little blog you've probably heard of, enjoying the small things. can you imagine how my stomach filled with all sorts of fluttery goodness when sweet ashley emailed me and said she was interested in sponsoring the blog? i was thrilled to say the very least! i'm just dipping my toes into the waters that is sponsoring and i am very excited for the opportunity to work with ashley.

it is no secret we love headbands around here. you might even call us headband hoarders, but in my defense? there are much worse things to hoard. right? right. i adore them for the purpose of masking my crazy new growth of bangs. they are also nice to plop on sookie's head for that added dose of sass to her day. girlfriend's hair is all over the place lately, no matter how many times i comb it.

tahnie: the cassie
sookie: the aubrey

la luce also has rings and necklaces if your fingers and neck need a little refresh of decor.

wouldn't the dakota make a stunning christmas gift?

i think it is easy to get overwhelmed in the headband realm these days and you might even adopt the attitude of well, i've seen one headband, i've seen them all. but au contraire  my dear girl; ashley has this incredible knack for mixing the coolest fabrics with detailed and gorgeous metal pieces to create a truly unique piece that is just as easily paired with jeans, boots and a sweater or a little black dress for a holiday party. a giant added bonus to la luce headbands? they are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them. honestly, if sookie can keep hers on for an entire day, you know they are a cozy head decoration.


while i started this blog for sookie, i have found such incredible talent through my sponsors and it tickles me to band together to support each other. lifting each other up, offering words of encouragement and truly pushing each others' dreams forward? it is a remarkable feeling.

i would absolutely be honored to work with you to promote your blog and/or shop! all funds collected from sponsors go toward my immense and overwhelming medical bills. please contact me at tahnie@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring a happy girl in december.



  1. WOW! i am speechless, thank you so much for such sweet words Tahnie! it means alot. you ladies look beautiful! so thankful for you. xoxo

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