08 November 2011

special visitor

we had a special visitor over the weekend...

make that an incredibly hairy special visitor. ;)

(okay, okay, it was rory having too much fun with the after halloween clearance items. i think that is why sook didn't freak out; she actually watched him put the costume on.)

but this exchange that was captured? oh i was giddy with joy.

"hey momma, remember that time i shook hands with the gorilla in the driveway and smiled like he had ice cream for me?"

yeah. THAT.

it is monday dear lovelies and i have been staggering through the day on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. it is quite liberating the clarity that comes from sleep deprivation. 

here's to channelling your inner rockstar this week.
i know we will be doing just that.


  1. LoL very cute!!


  2. her hair is pure lovely! i hope my babies get some of my red headed genes.