26 April 2011

Sweeter Than This

My jeans are damp with english breakfast black tea and remnants of Sookie's bath water from earlier tonight. The girl loves a splash party with her momma. Oh and the tea is because I became too excited while talking and apparently forgot how to swallow. Thus, spitting up tea everywhere. I will have to wash them earlier than I was anticipating but they are physical evidence of a good day. Yep, I drank breakfast tea with dinner because I am rebellious like that. 

A few weeks ago I was basking in things like, sushi and 30 rock, bubble gum shower gel, a subway sandwich balanced with donut holes and almond joy eggs, and bubbles and birds.

Driving around with our dreams in a jar
And it’s all right here

I’ll feed you ramen and you’ll braid my hair
Anything goes when you don’t even care
When you’re this far in love

If it gets any sweeter than this I don’t want to know
I don’t want to know

I want a garden and you want a coke
Living is simple when lovers are broke
You can fix anything with a kiss

{Katie Herzig; Sweeter Than This}

 Can you see the sneaky little guy hiding in the tree?

There were also Saturday morning dance parties, slurpees and the park despite threatening rain clouds.

 She had a strange fascination with this pole. Rory jokingly confessed he had failed as a father already.

Mmm slurpee drool.

Snowy Sunday afternoons, The Golden Girls, and a 14 month birthday cookie with gooey green icing.

 This is blurry but I love it.

This morning the little things that make life sweet? Random pieces of edible Easter grass dancing haphazardly  on the floor, plastic eggs spinning in delight, new swimsuits and sunglasses anxiously awaiting summer almost as much as I am, washing new clothes; reveling in the fact that when I am focused on being a mom and I let the rest of the world wash away, those are the best days. Today was the bold reminder of the strong and shining women I have in my life. Today was a wonderful last minute lunch date with this giving, loving, happy, gorgeous gal I am so lucky to have in my family.

Today was writing songs at bath time; I washed Sookie while Rory played guitar. Previous to this she softly blew on her spoonful of soup and I think I died of cuteness overdose. I adore going out but I also am intensely fulfilled during our nights of the team that this family makes, our simple yet magical routine of dinner, bath time, music, pajamas, bed.

Today was a welcome day of slowing things down after the go-go-go of the weekend. Today I was grateful to settle back into my momma role, after having to rely on Rory and my mom too much since Wednesday's chest pains. I pride myself on taking care of Sookie; it breaks my heart when I have to ask for help. 

Today was slow, soft, calm, peaceful.


  1. i love this. and i loved our girls lunch date. i'm so glad we're family. you inspire me everytime!

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