10 April 2011

Project 365: Week 8

I've considered abandoning this whole notion of Project 365 for a few reasons; I have let myself get so far behind it is a little silly, the majority of the photos end up being taken on my iPhone 3 because I just seem to reach for it out of habit and therefore the quality is not what I would prefer. But the fact that keeps me coming back for more and trying to catch up is that these are pieces of our days, of my precious time with this girl, and I want to remember every bit of it. Even the blurry and out of focus parts.

{2.20.11} S playing with my slipper.
A lazy Sunday at the house.

{2.21.11} The wink.

{2.22.11} Love that hair
& the flower pants.

{2.23.11} Cannot get over how cute these pajamas are!

{2.24.11} Dinner one night.
To illustrate how drastically different we are.
Sushi is mine.
McDonalds is his.

{2.25.11} Just me.

{2.26.11} She was obsessed with these shoes.
Okay, honestly so was I.
But, alas...they didn't have them in my size.

Our weekend was full of being a family. I love it when the moments flash and I'm inspired simply by being there. A witness to the fragile nature of just existing together. Tomorrow is my first appointment with a physical therapist in an attempt to untangle this web of undiagnosed and unexplained hip pain I've been experiencing for nearly a year now. I don't want to pin all my hopes on this eventually working, and providing me some much needed and overdue relief, but I have nothing else. It is a last resort. It is a little more than maddening to be in pain and have no one able to tell you why, or what to do to alleviate it. 

Cross your fingers for me please? Thanks friends.

On Twitter tonight, @MomItForward asked, "What three things do you want to accomplish this week?" My response: 
1) figure out hip pain with my physical therapy appt 
2) dance & swing with my girl 
3) start writing my book :)

I think I can manage those three.
Here's to a magnificent week with all sorts of little things to be thankful for sprinkled all over it.


  1. I encourage you to keep going with your Project 365. I find it hard too sometimes but it's just so worth it. At least, you're already on week 8. I'm only entering my sixth week. Good luck!

  2. loved the photos and you and your daughter are soo adorable! hope you figure out that hip pain. you have a magnificent week also chica!

  3. Yay for you and your P365 I can never keep up :/ love the photos of your dd she's so sweet!!
    No hip pain but back pain ughhhh....
    Hope you also have a magnificent week!!

  4. Very cute photos. Loved your answers to what you want to accomplish. Good luck and hope you get through all. :)



  5. Your 365 posts are some of my favorite! Just to let you know. The iPhone photos always look super cool. And it doesn't matter if it's on time or not. :)

  6. the wink, adorable. the outfit, super adorable.

  7. that second picture kills me. SO cute.