23 April 2011

Spring Into Style

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It has been a crazy few days around here, which reached their crazy peak last night when I spent a few hours in the ER. I'll go into detail later but for now I'm focusing on all that is right. It could be so much worse; I am counting my blessings today even more so than usual. Kisses and snuggles with my girl are that much more meaningful and precious.

Although, I do have to say while sitting there staring at the atrocious curtains that separate the ER rooms, I came to the genius conclusion Nate Berkus did not design them. And that perhaps he should. It would make the agonizing wait for test results much more pretty.

Something else that would make life much more pretty? Some Stella & Dot jewelry of course!

These are a few of my favorite things we have lately! I think I wear my soiree studs every day; I love how simple they are, but they pack a punch of shine and let's face it, we could all use a little more glitter in our lives.

We are having a killer special today and tomorrow, get 25% off one item with coupon code SPRING11. My site is HERE and you enter the coupon code at the checkout. This is an amazing deal! :)

Just wanted to let you in on the goods, I didn't want to keep such an awesome sale to myself. Pick up something pretty for yourself, or for Mother's Day for that extra special lady. :)

Happy Easter Weekend! I'm taking it slow but excited to embrace all the little joys tomorrow like pink lace leggings, yellow ruffle cardigans, all the goodies to put in Sookie's Easter basket, our loved ones, and of course...Peeps.



  1. Hello. I am visiting you from the April 2011 Blog Hop on Bloggy Moms! I would love for you to visit with me @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com
    Have a lovely Weekend!

  2. I'm so sorry that you're stuck in the ER. That's awful and I hope that everything is okay. That jewelry is fabulous though! I'm definitely going to go and check out some more of that!

    I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well. :)

    Simply Kate