25 April 2011

Project 365: Week 10

This was a fun week to remember through photos. I'm slowly but surely catching up, and that alone gives me motivation to keep at this fun little project.

{3.6.11} Long Island, New York
Our trip there was nothing short of
a million amazing moments.
(I still need to finish my post about this!)

{3.7.11) Flying home.
She was so ready.
(JFK is an evil not my favorite airport.)

 {3.8.11} Hugging her sweet baby.

{3.9.11} Loving her fantastic headband from

{3.10.11} There is a frog in my kitchen!

{3.11.11} Standing by herself at the park
while on a picnic with Poppa

{3.12.11} Having fun playing dress up
in the Target dollar section

I have an extremely thrilling announcement to share this week and I cannot wait to go into details! I'm teaming up with my dear friend Shelby to bring you all a fun and happy happy project! :)

One of my goals this week is to stop being so hard on myself, but push myself to be better in the areas where I can be.

Love this quote...

"Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do". ~ Liz Smith