03 September 2010

7 months

Oh sweet thing. Wasn't it just a few days ago when you turned 6 months old? It's a cliche and I know I have said it over and over again, but so true how quickly time passes. At exactly 1:53 p.m. on the 1st, I looked at the clock. I was standing in the kitchen holding you (most likely making you lunch) and it was such a precious moment to see how far we've come in 7 months, to think back on that gorgeous February afternoon when it seemed like the whole entire world was encapsulated in that labor and delivery room, how my sobs of pure joy and relieved laughter danced together when I heard your first cries... and to think about how tiny your little legs were a year ago at this time.

Every day is a new trick with you! You crack me up. The other night you started crawling; you get up on your hands and knees and wobble back and forth a little bit, then you lunge like you are trying to hop a cliff, it is hilarious. You are so stubborn already and Mama knows that is why you made it here against the odds, but it also worries me a little; as I am sure before I know it you will be a toddler testing out my college education in Child Development.

You also like to move your mouth up and down, up and down, like you are making fun of me that all I say is blah blah blah to your ears. ;)

You are very good friends with Jack. You love him to pieces and sometimes grab his skin too hard and oh boy he will let us know. Sometimes I swear you will leap out of my arms to get to him. He makes you laugh lots and lots. You enjoy trying to have a conversation with him. I'm sure you can understand his barks and he, your babbles.

You are eating really well. You eat rice cereal and some sort of veggie twice a day now. If we would let you, you would do it all by yourself.

Sleep? Well you are a great sleeper but sometimes not during the day; I think you are afraid you will miss something.

You have two bottom teeth! They made their grand entrance not too far apart, the week after we had your half birthday party. They are so cute and just make your smile even more precious that it already was.

You are sitting up by yourself with no help at all! It was a battle of balance for awhile there, but you conquered it and have the hang of it now.

All these milestones all together, just within a few weeks of each other!