08 September 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I wanted to join in on the fun of "What I Wore Wednesday" that goes on over at The Pleated Poppy. I can't believe I'm doing this; I'm incredibly shy and the quality of these photos are not the best. But, oh well life isn't perfect. There are only two outfits this time, but maybe more next week? Who knows. But here goes nothing! Please be nice; remember, I gave birth 7 months ago. ;)

Dress; Overstock outlet store (purchased Spring 2010)
Leggings; Target
Sandals; Gojane.com
Jewelry, Leaf pendant & peridot pendant necklace; Stella & Dot

Headband; Forever 21
Lace white button up shirt; Bebe (this made me laugh when I looked at the tag because I never shop there. Ha!)
White & Yellow striped short sleeve cardigan; Downeast Outfitters (Lovely birthday gift from two of my favorite people!)
Jeans; Express
Sparkly Shoes; Victoria's Secret (I purchased these years ago but still love them. On a side note I found an old mix cd and was listening to it today while wearing these. The gorgeous song by Tift Merritt, "Diamond Shoes" was on the cd. Made me smile!
Necklace; Live Multi Charm Stella & Dot

Well that was fun! Better photo quality next time indeed.


  1. i think you look wonderful for having a baby 7 months ago! love the white & yellow sweater.

  2. You do look wonderful, and I love the yellow sweater on you, totally suits your complexion!

  3. What an amazing story you have! And trust me, I had my first baby 14 months ago and I don't look as good as you! :)

  4. i am sort of DYING over that lacey ruffle-y button down! 7 months! you lie!!! you look awesome!