10 September 2010

Pieces Of Our Life Lately

I'm getting used to actually being excited for the weekend again. It is a refreshing change. Ever since R started working in the office (as opposed to at home) it is nice to realize he will be around to help out and spend time with me and the munchkin. Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky I am that I get to stay home with her, but sometimes even I need to be able to go to the bathroom all by myself. ;)

Last weekend we were able to go on a (much needed and rare) day date. Glamma watched Sookie for us. We didn't do anything grand or outrageous, but it was still fun. We grabbed some yummy lunch at Rumbi. I was actually able to eat without having a gallbladder attack. It was just a side salad and some chips and delicious mango salsa, but nonetheless. I was grateful. It is funny how intense pain after eating makes you so thankful for the simple act when it comes without pain.

We went to Babies R Us in search of a high chair, but no luck. I swear when I was pregnant there were a million cute ones to choose from. Now that she actually needs one, I can't find anything! Although I do love this:

We also made the journey to Target. The rest of the day was full of naps, laundry, and lots of college football. We spent Sunday with my parents; had a nice drive up the canyon and dinner. Sookie gave Glamma some kisses at dinner, it was just too precious. We found a poor little bird stuck on the fly paper out on the patio.

My dad and R got the little guy cleaned up and rescued. He did really well for a few days, but then he went to heaven with my parents doberman, Zeppy. It was a sad few days in a row to lose such innocent animals.

R ended up going into the office on Labor Day. I did stuff around the house and hung out with Sookie. My sweet Mama brought me sushi and the weather was so perfect we had a little picnic out on the lawn.

I went and picked up one of Sookie's favorite cousins, Kenley. She is always such a great help to me and Sookie just loves her to pieces and so do I! Sookie was fascinated with her sucker.

We went to visit our wonderful Aunt Doe and Uncle Jack and good family friend Jim. Sookie and Kenley played on the slide and swings while I ate way too much Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee and we talked about True Blood and where to find good sushi in Utah. (Answer: Happy Sumo.)

If you know how spoiled Sookie is, you probably won't believe me, but she is lacking in a fall wardrobe that fits! Glamma and I bought her some new fall clothes today at Target. I can't get over how stinking cute!

I can't wait for her to wear them. For awhile there I was nervous about all the fuchsia girl clothes out there, but for a redhead, she pulls it off well! I also picked up some new lotion for me to try; Aveeno's positively nourishing blueberry and goji berry. I'm really picky about my lotion and I'm usually a Johnson and Johnson's lotion girl, but I'm ready to try something new.

This is random, but, that bottled water commercial that starts out, "We don't swim in soda..." always makes me laugh because I would swim in diet coke every single day if it was possible. Well, diet coke or polynesian sauce from Chick-fil-A. ;)