31 August 2010


My birthday was on August 19th and I had so much fun celebrating all week! Even though it was on a Thursday, I cheated a little (like I do every year) and let the festivities run all week. Okay, maybe I insisted we celebrate all week.

It wasn't entirely up to my clever skills though. The one and only Bob Dylan himself played close to here on the 17th and of course, I could not miss that. It was an incredible show even though he didn't really talk to the crowd much. I feel crazy lucky to have experienced two Bob Dylan shows in my 27 years. The opening band, The Dough Rollers, was different, but excellent! One of the gentlemen reminded me of Ryan Gosling. Then I had a huge craving for days to watch 'The Notebook'. (Yes, you can have cravings for movies, I promise!) Here is a video I found on YouTube:

See? They are fun, right?

On my actual birthday I was honestly, simply, beyond thrilled, just to wake up to Sookie's sweet face. It was my first birthday as a Mommy and I had to pinch myself. Sookie and I went to lunch with Glamma and Poppa at a favorite Mexican place in

When R arrived home, we headed up to Red Butte for the John Prine concert. While waiting in line I thought I was going to melt away, but I took a quick photo of my shoe, because I think they are cute. Ha!

Many of my childhood memories involve a John Prine song or two. I fondly remember going on many fishing trips with my Dad with John Prine tunes in the background. The woman who opened for him really impressed me. Her name is Carrie Rodriguez; she's spunky, talented, and humble with a bluegrassy kind of kick. You can listen to a sample of her song, 'Seven Angels On A Bicycle' here.

The night turned chilly but was memorable and enjoyable nonetheless. Instead of birthday cake, I was content with a vegan chocolate chip cookie and a fruit cup from the Whole Foods stand; which is one of my favorite things about this venue!

That Saturday we let the celebrations continue with a small gathering of some of my favorite people! Over the years I've found that I appreciate birthday gatherings on a smaller scale, but more of them. I feel like I get to appreciate my loved ones more fully and have more one on one time with them. We went to Chipotle (and strangely no gallstone attack after that, ha! Go figure. But this was before I received the diagnosis of gallstones, so...who knows) for dinner and thoroughly took advantage of their cute little patio. Lots of silly conversation and laughs on a gorgeous night! Then we went to see the movie, 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' and while I am over the whole Michael Cera being awkward phenomenon, I loved the movie! It was funny and quite clever.

None of my photos turned out from that night, but it was a blast! I had serious mommy guilt for leaving Sookie so much that week, but it is good for us to have a break from each other every now and then. We are so grateful for our sweet and generous family who helped out and watched her for us. All in all, a fun birthday week! Best of all, my birthday wish to raise money for Cystinosis Research Network, raised $263! Makes me smile. :)