18 August 2010

Roller Coaster (It's All Happening!)

The phrase "It's all happening!" has been a favorite of mine ever since the first time I saw the movie 'Almost Famous' in late September 2000. It was in Toronto while on my Make A Wish trip, but that is another post entirely. I adore saying it when various facets of my life start to come together into making the big picture that much brighter. And, of course, at other times when it is deemed appropriate.

The past several weeks have been, well, for lack of a better cliche, a roller coaster. Two women who were younger than me, passed away from Cystinosis. Smack in the middle of that I had a horrible health care experience which consisted of a misdiagnosis that put a tremendous amount of stress on my head and heart. I'm still trying to make peace with it and yet wishing I could sue, for some sort of justice.

However life goes up too, right? My sweetie's company, Appdicted, had their very first iPhone app approved and available in the app store! Wig It was featured in the new and noteworthy section of the app store on August 5th. It is a very addicting app in which you can add over 100 wigs to any photo. Here is a fun little commercial!

And yes, Miss Sookie is the icon. Funny thing is, she adores the commercial and does the cutest little laugh each time at the end. It is kind of like, ha that's me!

In addition to the good news Wig It brings, Sookie has been experiencing many milestones and I just bask in all of the new things I get to witness her figuring out. Her half birthday party was such a fun day. I will be writing a post on that shortly.

I'm eating Jelly Bellys and drinking a caffeine free Diet Coke in a little pre-birthday celebration. Ha!