04 August 2010

6 months

Oh sweet bean, you are half a year old! It feels as though you are changing every minute. I can't believe it has only been half a year since you have been in our lives, and yet in other ways it seems like you just arrived yesterday. Daddy and I went on a date a few days ago and did a lot of reminiscing. As we talked about all of the fun old memories we have made together, at almost the exact moment, we both tried to explain how eerie it is that you weren't here with us then because it feels like you have been in our lives forever.

Lately you are learning new things so quickly! You love to scratch the sheets in your crib and on Mommy and Daddy's bed. You are very into texture. You also adore putting your hands on people's faces to make sure they have facial hair. You seem disappointed to find out Mama and Glamma indeed do not. You like to reach out and pet Jack, and I just melt when I see the sparkle and wonder in your eyes as you watch him. Today you actually grabbed his ear with a death grip and I was scared he was going to snap at you, instead he simply whimpered until I came to the rescue. You still love music as much as ever and these days you sing back to us.

Your find motor skills are marvelous! If we hold a bottle close to you, you will grab it and put it in your mouth. You can't quite hold it by yourself yet, but you will be able to very soon! You grab for toys all the time. You are getting very good at sitting up unassisted, but sometimes gravity wins that friendly little argument.

One of your favorite hobbies as of late is blowing raspberries. I would try to teach you that it is not nice, but I might have to wait awhile because it is just too cute right now. You have also discovered that you can shake your head no. A few days ago Daddy asked you if you wanted to talk and you vehemently shook your head no.

Every month I have taken your photo in the same spot, on the couch, in the front room with a sign, but this month was such a challenge! You were so curious about the paper and wanted to crinkle it all up and eat it. You had Mama laughing so hard.

I savor watching you blossom into your own little person.

I took this photo of the sunset on your actual 6 month birthday on Sunday. I have not made any edits to it. I think it is so spectacular and captures the beauty of the past half a year we have had with you and the hope and adventure of what is yet to come!


  1. Here from the blog hop! Your little girl is precious. My Braylen is 3 1/2 months old and time sure does fly!