05 October 2011

what we wore (utah utes fan edition)

it is Wednesday again and I'm linking up to the pleated poppy!

first, a little background information.

we love the utes.

way back when we started dating, i quickly showed rory the light and now he loves them as fiercely as i do.

there are emotional ties behind my passionate fandom; i had my kidney transplant at that hospital back in 1994, and i graduated from the college with my bachelor of science degree in human development and family studies with a child life emphasis.

two BIG life happenings and both at the same college/hospital/campus. i think it is a given we are such massive fans. ;)

this is what we wore for game day last weekend, even though we didn't attend the actual game. i own utes shirts with logos, but sometimes i like to just add a splash of red to celebrate my fandom. i don't wear red often because it clashed with my skin tone and hair, but this red skirt is quickly becoming one of my favorites; i get that pop of color but away from my face so i feel less self conscious.

sunglasses - old navy
shirt - target
skirt - old navy
leggings - target
sandals - aerosoles
headband - la luce
(the mustard yellow color of this headband is PERFECT for fall!)

skull barrette - etsy shop no longer in business
dress - red zone (in sandy, ut)
shoes - silver glitter toms

If you are a big college football fan, what do you like to wear on game day and who is your team?



  1. I'm a cougar but I sure LOVE your outfit. Gotta get me one of those red ruffles skirts. Think it would be perfect for the holidays!

  2. 2 adorable ladies :) Love the red!

  3. Yeah! Go Utes! I graduated with my master degree from there in 2007.

  4. VERy adorable! Both of you!

    And we are big Boise State fans, so we wear blue and orange in this house on game day. How bout you? :)

  5. Yay I am so happy I found another Utes fan!

  6. There are no words for how adorable this is.

    Glitter baby Toms? Oh my gaaaarsh.

    Stripes with red? Yessss! :)

  7. Oh. I love your outfit! It is perfect!

  8. I am an Oregon State fan... and we dont usually do too well this time of year! LOL! I wear my OSU Slippers (even to the pub if its a "date game") and my sweatshirt! I also just got the fabric to make a headband! I definately loooove to support my team!

  9. Such a cute little dress Love that skirt your wearing..

    Im a U of Illinois girl :)

  10. love the outfits on both of you. The skirt it too adorable, ruffles rock.

  11. yay! i love finding utah bloggers! AAAAAND you're a utes fan! even better!


  12. YOU LOOK LIKE A ROCKSTAR GIRL! beautiful. glad you liked them. XOXO

  13. I love your skirt, and Sookie's Toms! :)

  14. I heart your outfit! Your girl is so so cute. I had no idea you were in utah we are neighbors!