13 October 2011

{inspiration workshop] red: the color

Happy Thursday to you!

Tegan and Sara are providing the soundtrack to our morning, the dryer is running with a comforting clack every now and then from the buttons on Daddy's jeans drying, we are celebrating another day here on this earth.

The skies are blue, it is supposed to be 70 degrees, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and there will be fajitas for diner tonight. Oh yes, there will be. The little things fuel me to find my courage to take on the big, not so fun stuff.

You could say I was delivered a fresh, shiny, new batch of creative juices when I saw this week's prompt in the Gussy Sews inspiration workshop. ;)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Red brings forth a dazzling array of thoughts, emotions, places, and pivotal times in my life.

Red reminds me of fall, a bright signal of change so bold the action itself explodes in color; a stunning reminder that sometimes we must surrender completely before we can begin again. There are instances when we must tumble down the mountain in order to start anew at the base. While the reasons are unclear, we must embrace them for everything they are worth.

Red is my team's (Utah Utes) color. I see it and cherish game days that have come and gone; die hard fans braving rain or snow, cold and wind, to cheer on their boys. Armed with kettle corn, steaming coffee, and high spirits, we become family for those 4 quarters as we hoot, holler, clap, and high five every positive happening on the field.

Red takes me back to that day when world shifted, when I began to believe again, when I knew for certain I had power in this world that has spent so much of my life telling me I don't. For some reason, red reminds me of the very first heartbeat I ever heard of my daughter's.

What does red mean to you?


  1. Have been enjoying wandering around your blog, am going to be become a follower via google reader now. :-) Found you via Gussy Sews.

  2. I LOVE red. That's why Valentine's is my favorite HOLIDAY ever. More so than Halloween and Christmas.

  3. Such sweetness. I love your photos and what they mean to you. :)

  4. Love your pics! I noticed you survived a really high risk pregnancy too. I suffered from tachycardia throughout my pregnancy and had to be hospitalized twice. Every time they injected me with a drug I worried about my little girl. I'm happy to say that she turned out to be the most amazing little gal ever. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Red means love (from valentines day) and reminds me of my favorite holiday christmas!! :)

  6. Red was my very first favourite colour as a child, but I don't really like it much now; aside from really dark red...much like the McDonald's ad at the bottom of this post, lol! Funny coincidence! :P

  7. Red has always signified passion to me, passion for life, love, art, anything it is associated with. Love the guitar! You little girl is darling. Have a great comment Sunday.

  8. Heading over from FTLOB!

    "RED" reminds me of spaghetti sauce. And that makes me so very hungry.... for really delicious spaghetti sauce.

  9. found you from the letter 4 blog! so glad to be a new follower! hooray!
    GIVEAWAY at my place: southernpinky.blogspot.com

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