02 October 2011

Happy October

We ushered in this new month with antics well suited for a lazy Saturday. And while last weekend was a low key one as well, this one was oodles better due to the freedom from the virus that was wearing our girl down 7 days ago.

We indulged in college football and soaked up the very last bursts of sun pouring out from this remarkable summer. Sookie found a potato bug in the driveway, she squealed in delight, our big reminder to always see the joy, even in the smallest moments. Her glee was poignant. I ate it up.

We ventured to Hobby Lobby to surround ourselves with festive fall decor. We managed to find a scarecrow for less than $10 that was an actual, bona fide scarecrow. As in, a crow. He came to live with us, I couldn't resist. An Olivia lunchbox found its way to Sookie's arm, and while I am very careful about what I let her watch, that sassy little pig makes my heart happy. And? The lunchbox proudly proclaims in a celebratory red scripty font, "Every day is a big day."

Who can disagree with that? It is so true.

While the Utes lost, the night was filled with sweet October rain, a vibrant rainbow, and keeping Miss Sookie up way past her bedtime so she could visit and play with family.

Also, something to make your Monday happy; want to add new life to your fall wardrobe? Head on over to scenic glory to win this gorgeous Stella & Dot infinity charm necklace from me! :)

Happy October and Happy Monday!