07 July 2011

five minute friday: grateful

the lady behind this wonderful idea? the gypsy mama
the rules? five minutes. every friday. write your heart out. no edits. 
 the prompt this week? grateful.


every day. every hour. every minute. every second.
sure, i fall into the luxury of being stressed with mountains of laundry, toddler messes, a house that is not spotless.
then i have to stop. soak in the sunshine. embrace the brilliance in the air. no one is on a transplant list waiting for an organ. sookie isn't in the hospital. the three of us can walk, have our hearing and our sight. suddenly being overwhelmed with something as silly as dirty clothing seems asinine.

i'm alive. 
& that is a huge victory considering everything i've been through. 

after my lupus scare a few weeks ago, i'm back into waking up every morning ready to live life, even if i am in pain. i feel strongly i must instill this kind of gratitude into sookie's being. yes, the truth is we could have more. she could have a healthy momma. but the beauty of reality is that we already have so much. much much more than i ever could have wished for.


i hope you are able to find something to be grateful for today.
even if you are going through a tough time.
a smile from a stranger.
strawberry ice cream.
the laughter of your child.
clean sheets.
a great, powerful, life changing quote.
a pretty piece of jewelry.
a hug from someone who knows you well.
the scent lingering through the air after summer rain.

the happiest of fridays!


  1. Bless you for this post, and I'm so happy to hear all you are grateful for, and the blessings that are showering down upon you. Bright blessings, Shanyn, the Strawberry Roan.

  2. You have been through so much and have such a wonderful attitude.

  3. Always amazed at how God takes those trials and valleys in our life to remind us of HOW MUCH we have to be grateful for. Enjoyed your post and the reminder to not take the small blessings for granted.

  4. AMAZING post! I love your style of writing. Happy to be here, blessed by your post.

  5. I am grateful I stopped by to read your heart.

  6. Yayyyy somebody who stops to be grateful for every tiny little thing in her life!! :) I too stop and remind myself to be grateful that I am here, I have a warm bed each night and dirty dishes which means my family is fed. LOL sometimes those dishes turn into mountains, and my grandchildren are chasing each other through the house yelling and screaming and I remind myself....be GRATEFUL in everything!! Have a beautiful weekend, thoroughly enjoyed this blog!!


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  8. Hello, I am your newest follower from Boost My Blog Friday! I love your list. I am happy for my dad...after a long separation we are together again as a family!!

  9. Great post and i love reading your post.Its a nice share.