24 July 2011

Mormon Hanukkah

We are home.

It feels good.

As sad as I was to say goodbye to members of my Hampton and Cystinosis families, I was beginning to feel slightly gypsy-esque.

Veggie bacon, coffee, wheat toast with low sugar organic wild plum jam.

A trip to Target to replenish groceries. 

So simple, but my big, bold reminder of this incredible little family we have created.  

My favorite dachshund sprinting across freshly cut grass, most likely worried we are going to leave him again.

I am addicted to the new sense of wonder and enthusiasm that comes with a long, love and life filled trip. De-clutter. Our house. My head. My heart. Life. Simplify. My mantra for the last few weeks of July and into August. We've been manic house cleaners since we've been back; pictures that have sat in my bathroom for several months are finally hanging confidently on the wall, furniture has been rearranged, spider webs on the front porch have been washed away. Rory is the best. I look through photos and try to form the words to accurately describe these feelings before I hit my inevitable emotional exhaustion and the guaranteed subsequent post Cystinosis conference patch of sadness in which I want to hang out in bed all day, turn my brain off, and watch Days of Our Lives. For some reason, my problems seem sane when compared to theirs. Ha! It is a good thing I have my little ball of light to remind me to get over myself, see the joy and giggle. Always giggle.

I hope you enjoyed the big jumps; chasing your dreams guest blogger series. I hope the stories moved you to take your next leap of faith. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who participated and am honored to have their words interwoven as a part of this project! A few quick links if you missed any:


Today is known as Pioneer Day  here in Utah. It is celebrated with many of the same happenings as the 4th; barbecues, parades, fireworks and the like. This year we took it easy to catch up on the mounds of laundry acquired during our trip. Although the evening was perfect with fireworks done close by and our funny little neighbor serenading us with his Justin Bieber covers. Too funny! Several years ago my mom and I were shopping in the wonderful outlets of Park City. An out of town shopper asked the (obviously) California girl cashier about Pioneer day. Her response? "It is like a Mormon Hanukkah." I still giggle ridiculously at this. (I am not Mormon, so I sincerely hope this does  not offend anyone, as it is all in fun and quite silly how uninformed some people can be! Just wanted to make that clear.) Probably the worst description I have ever heard. But funny? Yes. Hilarious I think. So happy Mormon Hanukkah to you and yours. :)



  1. Stopping by from Coffee Talk~For The Love of Blogs!!

    I hope you enjoyed your relaxing Mormon Hanukkah :) I can't wait till I have more time to read through your posts!! You have an incredible story, and I am so glad to have found your blog :)


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