29 July 2011

Five Minute Friday: Still

 You made it! It is the glorious day known as Friday. :)

 I get so excited for a new prompt every week from The Gypsy Mama. Have you ever tried Five Minute Friday? Super easy and the rewards to your writing soul are immense. Rules? Five minutes. Write like a crazy woman or man. No edits, no worries.

 In the words of Nike: Just. Do. It.

 Here we go!


I am still astonished at her existence. 

 I am still overjoyed I was able to experience a pregnancy.

I am still in love with this house, this man, this pup; this LIFE we have built together, one heartbeat at a time, one foot in front of the other, sometimes running ahead too quickly, often having to step back a few skips and a jump.

I still ache for one more precious embrace with my sister and my grandmother. Still, I hurt at the lost last goodbyes.

I am still my authentic self, even if momma is my main identity right now. And you know what? That is okay. She is little for a quick space in time, but the magic I have the privilege to instill in her is boundless.

I am still me, I falter with my self confidence some days, but I am still a strong woman who has beat the odds on more than one occasion and challenge.

I am still strong, despite my body and the illness it faces. I am still a daughter, a niece, a friend, a cousin, a wife, a confidant.

A force to be reckon with.

Even on my worst days, I am still an important facet in the twirl of this earth.

And I must remember and cherish this always and do everything in my power to preserve and strengthen this fantastic and glorious notion.


Thank you so much for reading. 
Challenge yourself to tackle Five Minute Friday!
It feels good and I guarantee you will learn something wonderful about yourself.

 The happiest of Fridays to you!


  1. As a woman dealing with a rare and odd circustance that keeps me from probably ever having a healthy pregnancy I am overjoyed to hear you got that awesome gift! I enjoyed your post, quick and insightful. =)

  2. She is literally the cutest little girl ever. Ever. Oh my goodness, how could anyone not smile and feel happy looking at that adorable smile in that adorable dress? SO CUTE! Thank you for sharing that little ray of sunshine! :)

  3. i totally agree. cutest girl ever.

  4. That was beautiful. I might just have to try that next week.

  5. What a beautiful post! I can't believe you did that in 5 minutes. I will have to try that soon, but I'm pretty sure mine won't be as good!

  6. you have a beautiful blog and I am so happy that I came across your little piece of cyberspace!

    stopping by early for Sunday's blog hop & following your blog! hope you stop by and visit! www.blenifer.com

    have a great weekend!!

  7. Thank you for making me happy with your words :) I love your blog url, happy girl! Your little girl is absolutely adorable!

    Belly B :)