14 March 2011

Project 365: Week 7

Playing catch up with Project 365 still. It is an undeniable kind of special to be able to look back on my days and realize how much joy there is to be found in the little things.

{2.13.11} Stella & Dot necklace I gave to myself for Valentine's Day
(Yes, Rory gave me a super great little desk. I was selfish.
In my defense I ordered this before I knew about said desk.)

{2.14.11} Our super romantic Starbucks Valentine's adventure.
That is Rory's coffee and my root beer.
That M&M blondie thing was not good.
I spilled 75% of that bottle of root beer in my favorite purse.
I became distracted at Forever 21 and didn't realize the cap had come off in said purse.
It is a good thing I know the girl who makes said favorite purse.

{2.15.11} I heart the way toys look at the bottom of a tub.
And you can tell by the remnants of this bath,
that it was quite the party tub time indeed.

{2.16.11} Sometimes living in Utah isn't so bad.

{2.17.11} Party dress.
Have I mentioned I love this girl?
Like over the moon, head over heels, I'm in trouble
kind of love.

{2.18.11} My idea of a stellar, kick arse Friday night.
Chocolates, a Diet Coke from McDonalds
(I don't eat their food, but their Diet Coke is marvelous.)
and making a belated Valentine's card for my love.
(No excuse for a card that late,
I bought him the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
so I'm the best ever, right?)
All while indulging in trashy t.v.
(Days of Our Lives)

{2.19.11} My ga-ga-ga-gorgeous new headband from
I've been trying to come up with excuses
to wear it every single day.

I'm ready to make some changes this week.
All good ones.
Up and up!


  1. OMG I want that headband. It's amazing!

  2. BEST post ever--I love all these pictures--especially the bath tub toy pics! and I am a big fan of my cc headband too {its the one I have in my profile pic, lol}!