08 March 2011


Sometimes I savor the satisfaction that comes with cleaning up a mess; physical, mental, or emotional.

I have so much to say here and of course, the never ending issue of time. A few days ago, Little Miss S and I took a trip to Long Island with Glamma. I was going to have a bunch of posts written and scheduled while we were gone. Obviously that didn't happen! I barely survived two 4 hour plus flights with a 13 month old who happens to have a cough and is cutting 3, yes 3, molars. Luckily, the stress was worth it to see everyone we were able to see last weekend.

My head is a little messy right now even though my house is not. (Thanks so sweet Rory who not only cleaned the house while we were gone, he organized the cupboards in the kitchen AND our closet. He knows the way to my heart and I'm a lucky gal beyond words.) Deadlines, projects, words, thoughts, worries, hopes, plans, all swirling into one big storm. So I find quotes like this to quiet it all down and keep my focus:

I feel parenthood has had interesting changes on us. Rory is much more patient, while I feel I never have any these days. Funny how that works, right?

There will be lots of changes around here in the near future. I'm excited to share them with all of you.



  1. Such a sweet little girl you have :) I'm your newest follower via the blog hop!


  2. i am in LOVE with that quote.
    just remember - when days are long that i think you're amazing. i seriously admire you so much in your parenting.
    glad you had a fun trip. xoxox