13 March 2011

13 Months

I have a secret to tell you little Miss S...

This mommyhood adventure gets sweeter every day.

As do you.

I could write about you until my fingers fall off, but I also want to be sure to capture how you made me feel at different stages in your life. Of course this is for purely selfish reasons. Perhaps it is because I am obsessed and head over heels with the intricacies, depth, madness and pure delight that is motherhood.

Everyday you grow more and more into this little person you will one day be. It is one of the most magical things I have ever been privledged enough to witness. Your charisma shines to the outermost edges of everything.

While the above photos would have some believe you are a perfect little angel who always holds still for mommy when she's taking a picture of you, here's the reality of mommy trying to take these pictures by herself:

After awhile I threw in the towel and waited for reinforcements in the form of a jolly Poppa who can always make you laugh. Or at least hold still for two seconds. (See above for proof.)

You weigh 17 pounds; while this is small for your age, I am just grateful everyday that you are growing. Perspective is a good thing to have. You love to eat and don't mind trying new foods. You want what you want when you want it. We are working on other forms of commuicating your needs besides screaming, whining, and yelling. You are winking up a storm. You love to put your hand on the rails of the stairs when we are walking up them. I think this makes you feel like a big girl. You have an adorable new found sense of your control over your environment. I lose myself in watching you and the moments you recognize what power you have over objects in your atmostphere.

I'm excited to experience so much with you, but I'm planting my feet in the now and really focusing on loving each moment with you as it unfolds.


  1. She's gorgeous. Don't worry about her being small. My boy has always been smaller than average but he still grows and does wonderful things! :) That's just her normal.

    Visiting from SITS! :)

  2. She is getting so big even though she is so small! Happy 13 months Miss S!!!

  3. don't worry about her being small -- my middle son is 8 years old -- still on the 3-5% growth curve since he was born and if he wasn't as tall as he is could still fit into 2T pants ( or at least some of them) all that matters is a happy boy and it looks like Sookie is a very happy little girl -- luv all her bright colored clothes:)