10 March 2011

Five Minute Friday: I feel the most loved when...

It is time for Five Minute Friday once again! Each week I fall in love all over again with this challenge that the fabulous gypsy mama hosts on her blog. The rules are simple, she gives a topic and you have five minute to write. Sounds easy but it isn't! No censoring, no editing, no worries. (Yes, let's pretend we all write with no worries, shall we?)

I feel the most loved when …

I’m the first to admit I am extremely critical of my parenting choices. Going to college to become a Child Life Specialist will do that to a girl. Being shown every single way to be detrimental to each developmental stage is a good tool for someone working with chronically and terminally ill children, but maybe not so much so for a momma who thinks perfection is the only road down which she can ever be allowed to walk.

I feel most loved when I let go, embrace my faults, ah no, celebrate my faults even and allow others to let me. Be loved that is. When I can honestly drink in a compliment handed to me and not reply to it with something incredibly unappealing about another area of my life. When Sookie stretches her little arms around my neck and squeezes me for dear life, I’m given my proof all of this mommahood business is not comprised of stress, worry, and anxiety. I feel most loved when I’m living up to what I know is my best self. When I can celebrate my life in it’s own scope and not drown my sorrows in envy for others.

And done...

When do you feel the most loved? 


  1. Funny. What you wrote goes right along with the post I wrote tonight before doing the Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday (which is why I'm commenting on your page :-)). Accepting, maybe even embracing, our imperfection.

  2. Oooooo I can relate to your words. I feel most loved when I let go, brilliant!

  3. I think this post has all of our names wrtten in/on it.

  4. every post makes me cry. it's uncontrollable. before i check gpsymama and links, I have to be sure I don't have to go aywhere right away, because I always have a tear-stained face. a good cry, my heart breaking and bursting through my chest. full of love and gratitude and hoping-to-do-better-today, to appreciate and savor these last days of 'babyhood.' my 'baby' will be FIVE in a couple weeks and I'm loving her and 'missing' her already. phew. sorry to go on and on. I almost never make replies, and here I am rambling.

  5. Visiting you via 5 minute Friday. I know this about being critical of parenting. I was a teacher for many moons before I was a mama. ;)

  6. Amen and amen! Parenthood is a breeding ground for being self-critical. And compliments are glorious gifts!

  7. Visiting also via Gypsy Mama . . .

    And letting go of your faults . . . that is a work in progress, isn't it?!?!?!

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  9. when i am with (or in touch with) those i love the most
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  11. Awww this is so touching and this is why I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award. I really like your blog. Do check it out on my blog, http://flippertail.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-lovely-blog-award.html. Thanks!

  12. Love the blog makeover & name!! A feel you on this.. I am so critical on myself & how I parent always questioning myself.